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Wheeereee is everyone?

Has anyone gotten any new stuff? I got a few new things I just need to take pictures of them and I'll show you guys! =D


Jan. 28th, 2010

Hello guys~!!!!! =D

I'm back from my work... a very tiring day~~~~ *yawn*

Alright, I will start again!!!

And I think it will be easier for me to divide.
So I'll LJ-Cut a few catergory so is better!!! hahahaha!~~

I will go take pic & upload and will edit this post once I done with it. ^^


CD/DVDCollapse )






Please do keep a look-out for it if you are interested~~ heehee~~~~

Plus I have few stuff coming in these few day, so I guess I'll will take all at one go~ =)

gtg now, nighttttt~~~ <3



Happy new year to everyone!!!! =)

Hope you all have a great year & even better year ahead~

Alright, look like this has community have been dead for like 2months???

I saw there's like over 40 member but not even 1 post up?
Come on, this place is to share~ chat & have fun!

You can't possibly keep depending on MOD to post up right?
And 1 more thing is if you wanna post up, please post in here but not in your blog. =)
If you wanna postn in your blog, as least post a link here to your blog.

I really hope this community will be active & wil hit to it 100th Member! =)

Anyway brought alot of stuff again, so I'll post up once I'm free from my work~~ =.=ll


Hello guys~!!!

This community has been push down again, and I gotta make it up again. =D
I really hope you all guys will post something at least, it can't possible always by me posting thinG right?

It need to be each member posting new stuff, so we have more new thing to see!!! XD
So please post up anything you have on gazette, BUT PLEASE DO READ THE RULE!!
Anyway here we go on my collection~~~~~~~

a part of it~ just took photo those left outside in my living rook & desktop. ^^

HERE WE GOOOOO~~~~Collapse )
Hello~~~~!!! =D

Here I am, updating again~~~~~~ late at night... omggggg......
Just got some gazette item again so I'll post up the picture tomorrow~!!! XD

These week there'll be more item coming in so I'll definitly update again!!!

And I saw lots of member, but why none of you post up your collection??
hmmmmm~~~~ Please do post up to keep htese community alive, it can't be always me who keep updating~ ^^ll

Anyway, off to slp now... Nightttt~! XD


Hello everyone!! =)

How are you all guys doing??

Look like this community has been dead for a month.... omg.. *slap myself*
so sorry... i know I'm the MOD but totally forgot bout this community.......... T^T
I thought that was another MOD to help out too?? *look around*

Hmm.. anyway I didn't have any time to update my stufff... recently there's few new stuff coming..
plus "Before I Decay" single is coming too.. so I never really know when to take a pic.. T^T

But I guess I really gotta post something.. as my punishment for .. forgetting about this community.. *run away*
Okay, let just get started!! =)

Here's few stuff I recently brought.. hmm.. about 2 weeks back?? around there..
Is kind of old stuff, cause I currently back-tracking most of thier stuff.. ^_^


CLICK HERE FOR PICTURE! ^______^vCollapse )

small update!

Hello guys!!

Look like some of you all has a great great collection of Gazette!! =D
I never able to collect those.. never has enough $$$~~~~

AND a apologise from me~~~ so sorry that I didn't update this community at all since I'm the MOD~
And promise to update my collection but didn't update at all.. really very sorry~~~~ T__T

Was so busy settling my stuff, work &  orders~~~~
so didn't have time to handle internet stuff except for my sales-online shop..

Might need some rest before I can get all perk up & update here again!

Anyway really appreciate who post here & share, please do continue to support this community & make it alive!!! XD

look like I gotta go sleep since I have workkkkkk tomorrowwwww~~~~~~~~~

Would update again once I have time, Night guys!!! ^_^


My gazette story+collection

Hii well I'm new here~ I'm an 19 year old girl from the Netherlands and in love with gazette as most of us here probably ^^ First of I will tell how I got into gazette and all... and then I will give a link to my livejournal where I put most of my gazette collection and a link to my photobucket with more recent pictures of my gazette collection, but still not all of it...Read moreCollapse )




Since the community is already 70-80% done.. but of course there's still something we must edit, but there's definitely doesn't stop us from posting!!! XD

But all RULE is already fixed, please SEE RULE BEFORE POSTING!!!!

and congratz to twilightmoon777 for making our very first post among our member!!! XD
Plus our community already has 9 member!!!
Is not a very big amount but well, is better then nothing~ ^^
Since our community is not fully complete but pease just post!!! ^__^
Just follow the rule, and everything would be fine!!! ^___________________________^

so i guess is my turn!!! ^_^
Hmm.. I have not finish taking pic of my collection yet~ but I will intro myself first! haha~ XD

I'm your MOD in this community and you all can call me haruki~ ^^ (ppl call me haru or ruki.. but I won't ask u all to call me ruki. LOL!!)
I start to like GazettE in 2006 Aug 10th!!! I remember it very clearly..... so yesterday which is Aug 10th is my 3rd years annivasary with GazettE. LOL!!! XD



My GazettE Collection!

I thought I'd get this show on the road since nobody has posted yet. Since pictures of my collection are already on my journal I thought I'd just put a link to my journal here, if that is okay? =] It isn't much but hopefully you will like it.